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Project Description


Community Consultation

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Hunter’s Hill Council is preparing a Camp Management Plan for the Tarban Creek Grey-headed Flying-fox colony which will guide the future management of the colony. Council has engaged Ecological Consultants Australia Pty Ltd to provide expert input into the Plan.

Community feedback will help Council develop the Camp Management Plan. Council is seeking community views on both the impacts of the Flying-fox colony and the outcomes people hope management of the Flying-fox colony will achieve.

Extensive community consultation is underway and there have been 119 responses to the online survey, 49 household surveys adjoining Riverglade Reserve, and 99 in park surveys to date. The next step is working with Office of Environment and Heritage to engage the community to learn about, rank and make informed decisions about management options.

Please complete the second online survey at

In addition the project team will be facilitating workshops with key residents, park users, community interest groups and stakeholders. If you would like to attend a workshop, please contact Council on 98799400, email

Flying-fox Camp Survey